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I do answer everything that trouble your love life and work.

I am a natural born psychic, very honest and quick to answer. I have a 25 years experience in numerology, astrology, dream interpretation.

I will guide you and advice you for a better future if you are single, in couple , married or divorced, no matter your situation is complicated i am here to wait. 

Gastenboek (15):

Very sweet and pure soul. You feel very light when you talk with her. She reads you without you saying much.

Hi Tanit I want to ask you something more just load up

Hi Tanit please can I talk to you I need you and thx for your previous consults very good

Hi Tanit can I talk you do you come online thx x

Hi Tanit thx for everything and your support could you come online this evening or maybe tomorrow in the day? Thx

She is so nice and she knows exactly how the situation is. She helps me with every question and things she said about it came true. I believe in her and i am glad that she makes see things in my life clearly.

Hi Tanit and thx for your help I trust you - do you come online tonight maybe? Need your help and good advice x

Hi Tanit do you come online tonight? I trust you and believe you thx for everything x

Hi sweet Tanit there went something wrong with upload I really want to thank you for your sweet and kindness it helps me a lot. I can trust you it feels good

Hello Sweet Tanit thank you so much for your consults it are nice consults Ps are you coming online tonight? Thx x

Hi Tanit Something went wrong in connection Can I speak to you thx

Hi Tanit I need your help can I talk to you? Also thanks for last consult very good x

G L:
Very good medium who sees this clearly and is honest

Super !! Geen spijt om Tanit te spreken. ❤

I spoke to Tanit 2 times yesterday, I was blown away. She can perfectly describe your character, that of others, your past and future. She is a sweet, patient woman who provides clarity by answering all your questions. I definitely recommend her, you will be amazed!

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